Diego Armando Maradona on Opus Live is Life – Napoli warm up

Well-known Diego Armando Maradona warm up on the Opus track Stay is Life before Bayern Munchen – Napoli, 17 Might 1989
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  1. what a douche bag! he needed fat boy surgery and cocaine and his dog bit him, what a fat bastard cunt

  2. as a german and bayern munich fan, I can only say: ONE OF THE GREATEST PLAYERS IN THE HISTORY OF FOOTBALL! It was a honor for my club to play against him, and for my nation to win and to lose to him in the worldcup of 1986 and 1990

  3. @RabBusby Messi is inconclusive and he has great football players around him, maradona was playing alone and wons a World Cup.

  4. I am going to miss seeing him at the world cup..my team lost(Brazil), but I was rooting for Maradona to win too(One last time)…his last hurrah, but it was never to be..he will always remain a legend.

  5. this vid is legend on so many levels

    Imagine you’re an opponent and you see this display of skill, you’re 1-0 down
    Diego’s teammates all do a standard warm up, Diego has his own.
    The crowd loves it
    Diego’s stare @1:31 , so relaxed, in control, like a general inspecting the footsoldiers before battle

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