Diego is the greatest PLAYER in the globe
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  1. yo no entiendo por que muchos comparan a messi con maradona,la verdad no ay comparacion por mucho marado es el mejor por mucho.

  2. en el penal ,como como si estuviera en el potrero de la casa embarradisimo,no otro como vos diego!!!

  3. you sick cowardly bastards. you think you are tough guys just because you are in gangs of 20 and attack innocent Liverpool fans. you even attacked a man a woman and their children. and you won’t fight with your fists. instead you can only use knives and weapons. i hope at anfield you get your horrible ugly moorish african faces kicked in. you sick fuckers.

  4. @italianoval another fag…please i never been to ITLAY but i’ll definitely be back in Italy. just like i said u don’t have a problem with the toothpaste and brush, u have a problem spelling

  5. @xXcarm3laXx you must be polish or something…those are the ones who can’t distinguish between nations. keep your comments for youself

  6. @bserban1 tell me when u go to NAPOLI again or ITLAY ok??
    iLL guarantee u wont leave alive..
    chatting big on line lol

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