Fifa 11 – Napoli Players Faces (Xbox 360)

This is the video of Napoli Players faces in Fifa eleven. Comment, Fee, and Subscribe for much more videos. Fifa eleven – Napoli Gamers Faces (Xbox 360) Enjoy!!!
Video Score: three / five


  1. @JuveTube777 yes,he does,but he is the only one 🙁 look at hamšík,he looks like my mum 😀 😀

  2. Lavezziiiiiiiii !!!! <3

    finally napoli has been officialy licensed napoli has its real kits in the gamee !!!!!!! "MACRON "

  3. @cpthurme Yeah, it’s dissapointing that Fifa still don’t bother creating faces for many players… But at least the game is awesome!!! The movement of the players is so Realistic and everything looks like real when you play it…

  4. i have the game to…..but my online pass doesnt work….cuzz someone uses generators for there codes….mofo’s!!
    but i contacted EA and i hope they solve it so i can play online again just like with F10

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