Interview With Paul Pogba (Juventus – Napoli 2-0) |HD|

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  1. yes but without the agent, pogba would have stayed at utd. agents ruin football with their stupid wage demands for their clients. pogba wanted playing time but I doubt he was the one who asked for a ridiculous salary for someone yet to be proven. raiola can die for all i care.

  2. His agent works for his client, it was Pogba who wanted more playing time which Ferguson stupidly would not concede. The only person you should be upset at is Fergie, he majorly fucked up by letting the kid go, and it wouldn’t have been very hard to do the right things to keep him.

  3. man utd fan here. i wish pogba well. he would have made it here at utd but chose to go to juventus because his agent made a good deal. hope his agent gets aids but hope pogba one day reaches his full potential.

  4. No offense and I agree with you…no matter how good he used to be, we need to move on.. i didn’t want Scholes to come back… A great player, but it sends the wrong message to our youth….i knew we weren’t going to win anything last year… we should have used the chance to rebuild.

  5. For me what Ferguson mistake is Re-called back scholes instead of giving him chances..
    No offense to Man U Fans…

  6. look after him well.. i am a Manchester Untied fan and i dont understand why we got rid of him.. instead Ferguson keeps players like Carrick…. I am so angry, but i understand why he leave… no chances given to him…

    i know he is a problem but yu guys should get Ravel Morrison. they are as good as each othr.. ravel has more skill in some areas….. also look at Petrucci, Lingard etc…

    all these good you players but we still keep playing Giggs and co…damn i am so angry

    Good luck Pogba

  7. lol pogBABBA!! i like it!! hope it sticks, and I hope he has a wonderful career at Juventus! with the flashes of brilliance he has already shown in the small amount of time he has been given, I look forward to seeing him start games and grow into a champion for us.
    Forza BABBA e Forza JUVE
    Per SEMPRE!!!!!!

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  9. Are you seriously telling me the guys in the studio can’t speak a word in English but a 19-year old guy can speak two languages in fluent, and understand part Italian? Yeah.. They do say a second language increase your intelligence but my god – I feel sorry for the Italians in that studio (I am not English and I am here because I am a Juventus supporter and Pogba fan – I admire Agnelli for his English but this is just a joke!!!!) This is not good enough, Italy!

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