Maurizio Sarri is quite highly rated by the top brass of the club

Maurizio Sarri, who has replaced Rafael Benitez as Napoli boss, is quite highly rated by the top brass of the club.

The chairman Laurentiis was all praise for him yesterday.

According to Laurentiis, Sarri seems to be a person who is quite committed to his job and he believes the 56-year old will be able to make Napoli a World Class team in future.

Sarri has not had that much of experience of management at the senior level.

Yes, he has had a long management career, but, most of the teams that he has managed so far have been the second and third tier teams.

So, this is a bit of a test for him, managing a team like Napoli which happens to be in the top half of the Serie A table almost every season.

The previous season too, under Benitez, Napoli had ended up at no. 5. So, they are a big team and being in charge of that, Sarri will be under media scrutiny.

But, Laurentiis believes the Italian is prepared for the tough job that he has got and he will do justice to it.

In an event earlier this week, Laurentiis said, “I had spoken to Maurizio before the appointment and I was very impressed during that conversation. He is someone who is blessed with enormous knowledge of the game and his attitude towards his work is quite impressive too. I think we have found a right person and I hope he proves to be a successful coach here at Napoli.”

Sarri would probably be expected to guide Napoli to Champions League and for that; he will have to make the team finish lower than 3 in the top tier.

In 2014-15, Napoli could only make it to Europa League as a result of finishing 5.