Napoli-Liverpool – Europa League
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  1. Napoli fans give Italy a bad name. AC Milan, Inter Milna, and Fiorentina swapped scarves with us and weren’t fucking dirty fucking thugs like Napoli fans. Usate acqua e sapone, you nasty cunts.

  2. @internazionale925 Look what ive typed about the shitbag Inistanbul5x

    hes a disgrace to england! loll the soft ignorant twat.

  3. @INISTANBUL5X HITLER IS YOUR LEADER, you racist twat. ITALIA is one of the rihcest countrys in the world with a GDP just as good as englands. In fact i could say why dont all the 1000s and 1000s of English ppl who have gone to live (and work) in Italy for a better way of lIfe (and who can blame them!) fuck off back to england! .. nahh Im not like that thou. YOU CAN FUCK OFF OUT OF ENGLAND thou, U FUCKING NAZI.

    As for brave Italians in WW2 dont even get me started!


  4. @internazionale925 Yeah Hitler was your leader till he got his arse kicked as far as i remember .. Then you lot jumped ship and came to a PROPER COUNTRY ! If you hated it so much why the fuck wouldn’t you go back there ?? Anyone with a grain of sense would do surely ???? Obviously here cause the benefit system like the other clandestines in the back of the articulated lorry ..vaffanculo puta madre !

  5. listen to them dirty wop pigs – claiming their country is so great.then i look at their you tube page and i see both live in Engkland !! Once again if your little piss hole country is so great, FUCK OFF BACK THERE …. or maybe its not quite as good as youre claiming. Typical greaseballs i suppose. love to jump ship (as their war record proves) and if you think i’m Turkish you’re even thicker than i’d imagined ! shame you weren’t under the wall too !!!! MUG !

  6. @internazionale925

    I think most likely hes a figlio puttana 😉 .. anyway he can go fanculo ! LOL

  7. @INISTANBUL5X i see your 45 your probably some dirty old paedophile who attacks little kids. your heroes probably include myra hindley,the filth ian brady and the guy who needs 2 be shot and killed ian cuntley

  8. @IanWrites haha couldnt agree more or scousers are on the dole he probably mugged some old lady 4 the computer that hes got the english go on about how they won the 2nd world war when hitler was kicking there ass until the usa saved there ass hes probably some fat little kid with spots who spends his days on his computer watching porn haha coz no girl will go near him either that or hes a ladyboy lol

  9. @INISTANBUL5X im glad italian soldiers aint there its not italys war just coz the fat english scum like sticking there nose in to everything thats why bin laden keeps trying to bomb your country shame he didnt make a better job of 7/7 HAHAHA. and u want 2 mock maradona whose englands sporting heroes gazza a waste of space alcoholic who should be shot 96 NEVER ENOUGH!!!! shame u didnt die at hillsborough or your cumslut mother


    listen dick for brains look at your own skin – its the same colour as your disapointed parents (you hungup? did u got the ugly end of the stick)?!

    You know when Emporer BRITTANIA and the ROMANs came to uncivlised england they made slaves out of LITTLE CUNTS like you for hundreds of years! LOL

    And dont go on about your presh 2nd World War either. The Americans won that, and what was the American army mainly made up of ? ITALIAN AMERICANS!

    You are one Useless Shit! lol

  11. @inistanbul5x Maradona probably the greatest Footballer of all time, your diving Gerrard could only dream of being close.
    Do I need anymore info on my nation,? well apart that Maradona was actually Argentine I really dont think a HALF BAKED NAZI like you could tell me anythin I dont know about my BEAUTIFULL PPL * COOL ITALIA.

    ENGLISH PPL! their are Fab and lovely English ppl -you my Retarded Racist Nazi UGLY FUCKWIT are not 1 of them.

    FUCK OFF MR HITLER .. Your the COWARD! dickhead.

  12. @internazionale925 your not english – youre a dirty little greaseball wop – look at your skin … it’s the same colour as your stinking wop parents, a greasy brown colour! & you couldnt spit on your own soldiers grave coz theyre not there again, theyre leaving it to other nations to sort out (AGAIN) coz theyre YELLOW. just look in the history books – it’ll tell ya … WOP

  13. @IanWrites Napoli a team who’s best ever player was Maradona ( a FAT DRUG TAKING CHEAT ) do you need any more info on your nation ??

  14. @IanWrites from a country full of corrupt scum !! so bad their league had to be stopped and investigated ! theiving greaseball wops, sorry COWARDLY GREASEBALL WOPS !

  15. @INISTANBUL5X you dirty theiving liverpool twat. fuck off back to your Shitpool and fester there forever for all i care, Id rather live in beautifull Italy/Naples any day of the week then that horrible northern english shit town you come from.

    yeahh u remember u freaky spawny istanbul win coz thats all your shit team is gonna do for a looong time lol. See you knobhead hypocrital girl hysterical fans stormed the gates in Athens (REVENGE!).. cant help yaselves can ya . you fucking animals!

  16. @INISTANBUL5X r u fucking stupid? im actually english i just consider myself italian im ashamed 2 be english oh btw i spit on ur soldiers who were killed in iraq and i spit on bobby moore,old man robson and and the shitty st georges flag makes me fucking throw up remembrance day wat a fucking joke

  17. @internazionale925 enjoy rafa – he’ll take you to a place you really deserve THE GUTTER ! LOAD OF GREASY WOPS – IF YOUR COUNTRY IS SO GREAT FUCK OFF BACK OVER THERE GREASEBALL

  18. italian vermin only hard in numbers but when its 1 on 1 your knives go missing arse stabbing bum boys

  19. l35 calm down calm down! wops in their snide trainers, is that why when you dirty theiving scousers after being in europe in the 80s adopted all the latest “snide trainers” brand yourselves, oh well you managed to put your own chav style to them in the end.
    why liverpool “urchins” ? i know coz thats all you scosuer street urchins used to be way back when,poor little scooosys.
    Ok u proper men u can go back to crusinh innocent familys to death against walls again now…… calmmm down!

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