Ronaldo vs Napoli Home 97/98

Comp by Ronaldo77


  1. I am glad I was able to see Ronaldo play during his prime at PSV, Barcelona, Inter and Brazil of course. After his 2 near career ending injuries and after not playing football for 2 years, Ronaldo came back and won the world cup, ballon dór and FIFA player of the year. Can someone name any other player that have done? Exactly, thats why he is the greatest player to ever live and his name shall never be forgotten.

    1 Ronaldo
    2 Maradona
    3 Pele

  2. 1:42, 2:48 these are the type of penetrative runs we havn’t seen Ronaldo do in a long time. Its amazing how he can dribble this quick while runnning full speed, only a genius can pull it off. I think no one in the history of the game combined incredible speed and showmanship the way Ronaldo did in 96-99 not even Maradona & Pele. Long live the phenomenon

  3. details:
    1:51, 2:38 – thats why he is true and big ;
    2:48 – thats why he is crazy;
    2:58…3:04… – thats why he is a major genius;
    4:13… – thats why he has an unique class;

    with all the rest: thats why he was, with that nº10 shirt, in 1997 / 1998, the most incredible player of the last 40 years.

  4. He just runs past the defenders as if they weren’t there, he’s the talisman that drived their team forward. I mean seriously, the pass him the ball whenever they got lost, and they got lost a lot.

    Thanks for the vid bro.

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