The Chance Trials: Napoli

In the very last of the Italian city trials, the players at the Probability, Napoli knew that they have been one particular starring performance away from the ultimate region trial. With the opportunity to play for a place in the international one hundred at Pinetina, Inter Milan’s teaching ground, the stakes couldn’t be increased.


  1. i would love to see these trials come to Mexico, Argentina, and Brazil.
    they have outstanding players. Thumbs up if you agree!

  2. @soccernap not all of the best players in the world use nike
    they understand that and just want to find some talent

  3. @soccernap i guess thats not what its about… its about scouting talents and its a great opportunity for young players.. for sure its advertising but young player come there with their own boots… and nike lets them play with them because they might be used to and better with them

  4. @14inaki Nike sent me CTR360 Maestri at home before the French trials 😉
    It depends of the country where you live.

  5. @soccernap It´s because each player wears his own boots. But if they pass the trial they receive nike boots 😉

  6. @letgoffmyego nope i am suppose to be the first because my laptop ran out of battery that is why i can’t be first

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