The Genius of Football : Maradona ( new footage )

A video clip I created just to show a number of moments of the best participant ever before. Thanks to kei for the inspiration and sorry for the edition.Credits: J.ALDURIEE
Video Rating: 4 / 5


  1. Is it just me or does Maradona run a lot more than Messi?
    Its like he is all over the place, whereas Messi waits to receive the ball.

  2. Contra quien es ese partido donde Diego hace un gol de chilena?Es fantastico lo que hace en ese partido, es por la liga o un amistoso?

  3. I believe most people consider Maradona the best to ever play because he was on teams that had no business winning anything, the arg 86 team is mediocre without maradona and so are his napoli teams, and the fact that he basically lead these teams to championships make him truly great. Also when you see him play in that style gambeta basically dancing with the ball everyone else around him starts playing like him touching the ball dancing with it truly beautiful soccer.

  4. in just one match Maradona is able to show more tricks, dribblings and amazing stuffs than the entire career of Pelé

  5. after watching maradonas videos peles are boring.

    pele = overhyped media tool

  6. ok, maradona is better then Pele, i couldn’t tell who was better. untill i saw all disagol his video’s. Maradona is briljant, a genius.

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