The Genius of Football : Maradona ( VII )

Maradona in motion and some passing expertise, developing tons of possibilities for his teammates. Some new clips.
Video clip Rating: four / five


  1. Diego dopo quasi vent’anni che ci hai lasciato………..Napoli ti ama come il primo giorno che ti ha visto. Torna ………..Pibe “casa aspett’ a te”

  2. They missed allot of his passes. If maradona would have played with Pele together… that would be true magic!! Pele would score even more goals and Maradona would give more assists.

  3. lo mismo te digo yo acabo deber estos videos y me quedado con la boca abierta .Ya habia visto videos de Maradona pero eran solo tributos y copilados estos videos de aqui son casi la mayoria de sus partidos en accion regateando 5 veces o mas.increible


    BUT MY IDOL!!!!

    FUCK PELÉ!!!



    Pelé 2º!

    ROMÁRIO AND Garrincha 3º

  5. de los mejores video que vi. Maradona no es humano lo que hace con la pelota es impresionante

  6. i am agree …
    because of you two i know now how strong he was …a lot of people think he was a cheater and a runnin selfish footballer but when you see all this video you can realize he was A REAL NUMBER 10 and a passionate player!!!

  7. I think is really important that guys like disagol spend his time showing the passion they feel about Diego, and try to share it with us!

  8. amazing video..for the greatest ever..MARADONA…
    Plz never stop..
    Do u have any complete games for him?

  9. Guys like disagol and kei16662 are doing a great service to football fans around the world by showing how great Maradona was and sharing priceless and rare old footage of the man in action.Thanks guys.Keep up the good work!You rock!

  10. The more footage I see of Maradona, the more I realize that there will never be another player as good as he was.

  11. No problem man, your sharing your stuff, that is more than i can say for most people. GO DISAGOL!

  12. I am very sorry but this one I did it with no time. I have just these clips lost there, put them together and add some music, that’s all.

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