The Genius of Football : Maradona ( XI )

Some nicely-identified clips of him and some other individuals not of this football god
Video Rating: four / 5


  1. @vingema looking @3:47 to me it looks like maradona (argentios Junitors) against Boca. In autobiography Maradona does state he played against Boca before being signed up.

  2. @mohammedisapedo hello friend you tell me which game was it?
    minutes to 3:47 when you see Maradona scored two players have overcome and black and white tell me if the opposing team and was an official game

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  4. maradona has faced the best players of all time with broken ankle ligaments is not training with the drug that worsens the condition is without support from anyone
    maradona was a great elevation is also well known to use the right foot is in fact a goal was incredible when played with the BOCA JUNORS became an incredible pallonnetto overrides well 4 players
    maradona is the god of football

  5. are you talking seriously ? no way !!! nobody can match kei’s collection and video edition. He is ( like someone said before ) maradona’s prophet.

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