Argentina – Italy World Cup 1990 semifinal penalties FULL

Penalty shootout that decided the first World Cup finalist. West Germany won England in penalties in the next day, so the final was going to be a rematch of 1986: Argentina – West Germany. Goal 1-0 Franco Baresi (ITA) Goal 1-1 Jose Serrizuela (ARG) Goal 2-1 Roberto Baggio (ITA) Goal 2-2 Jorge Burruchaga (ARG) Goal 3-2 Luigi De Agostini (ITA) Goal 3-3 Julio Olarticoechea (ARG) Miss 3-3 Roberto Donadoni (ITA) Goal 3-4 Diego Maradona (ARG) Miss 3-4 Aldo Serena (ITA)


  1. No matter what you would throw at them Argentina would always reply even if they weren’t playing great. They were winning games without putting a lot of effort. Goycochea for me was the hero and Maradona was an inspiration.

  2. Germany knew that if they went to penalties they would have lost to Argentina they were trying desperately to score during the game attacking Argentina pressuring them and still couldn’t put the ball at the back of the net. The penalty decision in that final was a disgrace. The replay clearly shows there was no contact at all, Argentina in 1990 had a winning mentality over other teams.

  3. @detonator2112 the entire world knows that….
    Germany had a tremendous team that year… they played amazingly great during the entire tournament, it`s a damn shame that such a great World Cup final between two teams with such a great rivalry and history in football had to be disgraced by such a disgusting move by Havelange…

  4. this should be THE final of the world cup in 1990 and if caniggia did’nt book for a sillyn handball they deserve to win the world cup

  5. @MYacono: This was recently deleted from Wikipedia

    “On October 1999, Jorge Humberto Rojano, former president of the Mexican Referees Association, alleged in an interview with Mexican newspaper La Jornada that FIFA, at that time managed by Brazilian João Havelange, would only allow Codesal to supervise the final match if he prevented Argentina from winning”.

  6. wow great penalty of de agostini…it seems like he would have shot to the right!

  7. No deben ganarse campeonatos antes de jugarlos. ¡Pobres tanos! Bueno, al menos les quedó el consuelo de poder vender el césped del estadio.

  8. In my opinion, this is the mother of all penalty kicks definition ever. I still remember it with excitement.

  9. @leihoa The same happened in my country Ecuador. everybody started to practice PK’s.

  10. Argentina siempre sera el mejor equipo de futbol en el mundo… Mis alvicelestes!!!

  11. @Edifice06: I read from somewhere that Toto didn’t want to take a PK. He said that “he felt tired” or something along with those lines. I’m sure he would have been on the coaches list.

  12. Schilaci was the man of the tournament and he wasn’t chosen to take a penalty shot???
    He probably would have had a better chance scoring instead of Donadoni and Serena.
    What was the Italian coach thinking?

  13. What was the commentator talking about? Baggio spent the 89/90 season at Fiorentina. He moved to Juventus before the next season.

  14. @akalexi312
    not German coach , but they should have Argentinian coach with … german mentality 🙂

  15. @akalexi312 ironically for Germany, they always progress further all these years but they also failed to lift the thropy since 90 final.

  16. compare this to current Argentina team.Argentina has kept on slumping down all the time.Lot of good players and no results 🙁 I think Argentina should bring on a german coach.

  17. This is probably the best argentinian team in a world cup, Cannigia, Maradona, Goycoechea, they were lethal!!!!!

  18. @bunny2505 not exactly, in 1958 SWeden host it and Brazil won it. The only time ever for a non-european team to lift the tropy in Europe.

  19. world cup pre-1994 are so stimulating with players and their super short boxers. proof that homos ruled the world that time.

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