Diego MARADONA Ultimate BEST OF – Part #1

Here is 1 of my 6 Maradona’s videos. Since I made them for the Diego’s fans I used different videos sequences (except 2 or 3 training scenes) for each of them to get 6 differents videos clips. I really hope the FANS will enjoy them. Feel free to rate and comments 1 or all of them.That one is based on the “Unstoppable” theme.


  1. one more thing about the goal of the century the azteca Stadium pitch had just been relaid into small chunks and the turf moved under your feet whenever you started running.

  2. @2009DanielWright You make it seem as though England are good.
    In this world cup, England had already lost to Portugal and couldn’t even beat Morocco.
    The two games they actually won were against the titanic footballing nations of Poland and Paraguay.

    If the “goal of the century” was against Italy/Germany/Brazil, then it may be deserving of such a title.

  3. Watch again….you ll see Diego starting every movement in the middle of the field…. running just straigh ahead to goal….big difference with Lio… (lol 4:13 jaja)

  4. There is talk of a sample or another in the second generations, but I … I know that 100 years from now if you talk about football you will talk about Maradona well … as well as for poetry and quotes Rimbaud Mozart’s music (Eric Cantona)

  5. @ihavenokegson You’ve got to bear in mind that he did that to ENGLAND! He made some of England’s (at the time) greatest footballers look average and weak with ease. And this was after the handball goal and just shut up all the people protesting because it IS a fantastic goal. To score after dribbling half of the field, around 2 defenders (not including those at the beginning he destroyed!) and the keeper, of whom is arguable one of England’s greatest ever, is nothing short of amazing.

  6. @bamstheparty Messi will break some records. But i also think he needs to show himself internationally not just in Barca. If Messi keeps his form and stays injury free and does some amazing things in a World Cup he will be remembered. Ronaldo of Brazil had 2 world player of the year’s by 20/21. Maradona may not have had this but it was obvious he was the best player to almost everybody who saw him. Messi is yet to prove he’s in the same class at international level, but time is on his side 🙂

  7. @atnighthawk Yes you are right…I don’t know much bout laudrup but i know that ronaldo was awesome in his prime and everybody says he is fat know but as you can see = skill always wins…the goals he scores now in brazil are awesome…but i have to say that when it comes to effectivity,messi owns…just the player messi not how important xavi is for him in barca…he scores so much goals he will break all records and he is just 22 years old..what do you think bout him ?

  8. @ihavenokegson At the time that english defence was one of the best in the world…. admittedly it looks like they were lazy for the goal…. but still..

  9. @bamstheparty Ronaldo of Brazil did that in his prime also, you should watch some more of his stuff. He does it with control at insane speed. Maradona’s close control is probably the best i’ve ever seen while running at a more normal speed…maybe Michael Laudrup’s is close, but thats all I can think of. But check Ronaldo, Maradona, Laudrup etc. That fucking up of so many defenders so fast is just one of the reasons they are considered the best.

  10. I am the biggest Messi fan and still think that Ronaldinho in his Prime is the Best footballer of this generation…But god damn maradona nearly never loses the ball and fucks up 3-6 defenders in 5 seconds…thats what messi does i know but not that effective i didn’t seen the games from him but i am sure if he plays like in the video he got like 5 times 100% goal chances in every game ???

  11. @vapotrini Forlan’s free kick against Ghana.
    Took alot more skill than jogging slowly around some old men.
    Took his team the farthest they’ve been since the 70’s.

    Lets not forget this goal didn’t single handedly (!) win the game anyway.

  12. @ihavenokegson

    That may be true but it’s the occasion that matters here.

    When the last time you saw someone score a goal of such importance in the WC?………………………………..


  13. Brasilero brasilero… que amargo se te ve MARADONA es mas grande, es mas grande que pele”(Brazilian, Brazilian,how sad you look,Maradona is the greatest,he is greater than Pele)

  14. Honestly, I’d say the “greatest goal of all time” is one of his worse goals.
    He scored far better goals week in week out, and against much stronger defences.

  15. Maradona could do all kinds of shit. He could take on 6 players at a time and win. Messi is overrated, we shouldn’t even be speaking of them in the same sentence.

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  17. maradona is the very best football player of the all time…..pelé is a shit

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