Napoli v Inter a vista from the Distinti

Time to resample the unique and amazing ambiance of San Paolo stadium. Make sure you notice to all British football supporters who would like to go to this stadium. Since of the supporters behaviour this year it is really quite challenging to get admission to this stadium. Tickets are only sold to citizens and they ought to produce documents to show they are neighborhood folks. It is possible to acquire tickets from touts outside the stadium but make sure you be aware you will nevertheless be obliged to generate a passport at the entrance. This is a manic stadium with partisan supporters but they are Okay with the English, God forbid if you arrive from Rome, Turin or Milan!!!!! The terraces are owned by the followers and it is such a various product from the sanitised product we know in England. A actually great knowledge for any English fan who remembers the 70’s and 80’s when we were all pissed. There is so a lot colour with the flags, flares, banners and continual sound. Napoli fans you are the best!!!!!!!!!!
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  1. @shibakuzo111 Forget about it, Napoli has been always a popular team, the team of the people, there’s no racism at San Paolo. Excuse my english.

  2. No problem man, there is not racism incident in Serie A.
    You can try to go in a random stadium and you will not see racism or something.
    Enjoy the show mate. 🙂

  3. No problem man, there is not any racism incidents in Serie A.
    You can go inside a random stadium and you will not see racism or something. Enjoy the show mate. 🙂

  4. Well, I can tell you from Caserta, that the Neapolitans are not at all racist, but those who despise the field behaves anti-sport, but skin color does not matter for they.The for more ‘beautiful is that the Neapolitans have supported the their team by filling the stadium even when the fighting in Naples Series C.è a love, a passion, the team of Naples is one of the most great in Serie A.

  5. Looks lika an amazing city, a great stadium with great fans. I have a question for Napoli fans out there. I am black and love watching football live in stadiums. Unfortunately lately there have been some incidents of racism in Serie A stadiums. How is Sao Paolo in this aspect? I really wanna see a match there but not if it’s potentially dangerous for me. What id your advice? Thanks

  6. I am doing a short weekend in January, and hope for a longer visit around March/April….on this visit I will do the journey you recommend. I will let you know the date, so that if you are around we might share a beer or Pizza.
    Kind regards Pete

  7. Seriously, it’s something that you will never forget in your life. Once you have seen that place you don’t need to see anything else! it’s simply stunning, especially if you go down to amalfi from positano… anytime is good to visit the coast… let me know when you are going I might catch you somewhere, if I will be there!

  8. @MadFantastic7 Thanks mate…I will put Positano on my schedule….probably the visit after my next. I have heard it is beautiful so I will go

  9. I really appreciate all those videos on Napoli,I’m a young boy from Napoli and I really want to suggest for your next trip in Napoli a place called POSITANO which is located at the south of Napoli. If you will visit this place you’ll be shocked from the beauty and the atmosphere of the place,it will take your breath away. It’s really unique. Trust me, it worth visiting that place. Thank you for all your videos about Napoli, you deserve a free Pizza from the best Pizzeria of Napoli, Thanks a lot!

  10. for organised caos check this vid on you tubr. I love it :

    ultras napoli: amo il napoli – caos

  11. What?! In British stadiums you can’t smoke, stand and curse? That’s wierd…. :S
    but i like them just because u are near the field 🙂

  12. The problem with many People from the North is that they don’t visit the city and find the truth. Anyone who seriously visits this city and truly examines it will be pleasantly surprised.

  13. great videos pete…..i’m very for this your love for our city…i hope all italian citizen will love our city like you…but this is impossible….cities like milano rome bergamo verona etc hate napoli’s fans and citizen…..(sorry for my very bad english)

  14. His name is tony coppola and his son is giovanni. By the way my name is Franco de Gregorio and I live in Bristol

  15. I will next time I am in North End of Portsmouth…I live right down on the seafront!What is his name?

  16. my cousin lives in portsmouth and is a great napoli fan. He owns the fish and chip shop on london road and I think its called excel fish bar. Go in and say hello

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