The English Club, Chelsea, is looking to sign the Napoli striker, Edinson Cavani. However, a few days ago, Cavani had made it clear that he is not planning to leave Napoli in the upcoming season. But, according to some reports, if Chelsea offers him high salary, he might think of joining the English Club. Cavani has said many times before in the media that he wants to play in the English Premier League. By joining Chelsea, he would get the opportunity to feature in the Premier League. So, the chances are good that he would sign for Chelsea. According to the reports, Cavani is demanding a weekly salary of 150,000 pounds. Apart from Chelsea, Juventus and Manchester City are also in line to sign the Uruguay striker.

Cavani has been playing for Napoli since the last 2 years. He had joined Napoli in 2010 on a contract of five years. In his very first season for Napoli, Cavani proved that the club had taken the right decision by investing in him. He scored a total of 25 goals in the series ‘A’ in the 2010-11 season. Due to his brilliant performance, his contract was extended in May 2011 for another 5 years. Cavani continued to perform brilliantly in the last season as well. In the last two seasons, Cavani has played 94 matches for Napoli and he has scored 66 goals. This record is emphatic.

The manager of Chelsea, Roberto De Matteo, has said that the club desperately wants to sign a good striker. Cavani has performed sensationally for Napoli in the last two years. He is a brilliant striker and he has the capability of turning a match on its head in a space of few minutes. It would be wonderful, if he signs for Chelsea.