Fifa 11 Team of the Week Episode 5 – Napoli – Forward’s that Beast

Adhere to me on Twitter: For following week’s video recommend me a crew from the Worldwide area From these three teams, Belgium, Mexico or Croatia Thanks for watching guy’s and I’d enjoy a thumbs up, takes one second if that. Also thumbs up the comment for which ever before team you want me to play as. Belgium, Mexico or Croatia. I liked taking part in with Napoli, As quickly as I switched to the four-2-three-1 formation I was a great deal more solid and dictated the tempo of the match a whole lot more with my possesion and my defence was a great deal far more compact if you evaluate it to their default formation of 3-4-2-one. With the default formation I discovered that there was too a lot area open at the back. Strengths: Two great forwards in Lavezzi and Cavani, one with tempo the other with strength. Then there’s Hamsik who has insane lengthy shot’s. With these three you really should score a good deal of goals. Weaknesses: None truly, when I played with them they have been a four star team, but I noticed that they went to a 4 and a half star team with Adidas Stay season, The only weakness I had was leaving room open with the default formation. My Napoli Line up with the 4-two-3-1 formation: GK: M. De Sanctis (Excellent near array shot stopper, be cautious with prolonged shot’s) RB: C. Magglo (Speedy Utility gentleman, Can play in mid or defence) RCB: P. Cannavaro (Just like his brother, solid at the again) LCB: S. Aronica (Rapid and good heading) LB: H. Campagnaro (Much better as a centre again, but he was excellent for me right here) RDM: J. Zuniga (An additional
Video Rating: four / five


  1. @joshflip1989 what technique do you use for the rabona goals? i can score them in the arena but not on actual matches 🙁

  2. use werder bremen I played with them today and beat real madrid and barcelona in onine matches

  3. USE ZENIT FROM THE RUSSIAN LIEGE. sub in kerzhakov on top. they have really good players like bystrove 92 acceleration and kerzhacov. 84 acceleration 82 strenght and 89 shot power. geat mid field. super keeper. and bruno alves on center back. and fast wing backs

  4. You’re getting good at manual.

    I need to stop being lazy and do the same. 😛

  5. @ydzerijff I do have plan’s to give people a chance to vote for some Portuguese teams within 2 – 3 weeks.

  6. hey Josh, could you play with Sporting CP once? i like that team pretty much, cause there strikers are pretty fast en the defence is good too, but could you give it a try maybe?

  7. After I have given up on COD, I found your channel and I look forward to seeing your new videos, great stuff man, keep it up.

  8. @wwemaniac22 Try semi or manual, I’ve never tried with assisted on this game.

  9. @joshflip1989 i do that with ronaldinho and messi. do i need manual settings or something?

  10. @wwemaniac22 Hold L2 & while still holding it tap square and the left analog stick in the way you want to aim it, players with the flair trait can only do it by the way.

  11. someone! how do you do rabona?
    i was told it was L2+square, but whenever i do that, they just cross it.

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