Napoli still developing

Napoli chairman Aurelio De Laurentiis has stated that his club is not Juventus and do not have the history for the Turin club.

However, he believes that everything is down to money nowadays and that if he had the investment Napoli could also be champion.

This statement came after Napoli’s coach Sarri said that Juventus is a different club from them and that they are the favorite to win the title. Sarri stated last week that Napoli does not have the necessary finance to compete with Juventus and that they are playing well above their level.

Aurelio De Laurentiis said that Sarri was right when he said that. He said that Juventus had been the property of the Agnelli family for some years and they have had some great owners and sponsors in the past. He said that Juventus is built over a century of history and this is what has caused them to become a big club. Continue reading Napoli still developing


Italian side, Napoli are on the edge of fulfilling their hopes of UEFA Champions League qualification for next season.

The Partenopei, who just need a win against relegated Frosinone to gain direct access to the Champions League.

The Goalkeeper of the team, Pepe Reina, is calling for ‘a full stadium’ as Napoli prepare to ‘make their dream come true.’ While they couldn’t snatch the Scudetto from Juventus, it’s still been an extraordinary season and they need the win to confirm their participation for next season’s UCL.

Reina, at a ceremony for the Campania Fair Play Prize 2016, according to reports by CalcioNapoli24 said:

“When you make mistakes, you’ve got to recognise them and learn to do better.

“But what matters now is that there’s only one game left for us to realise our dream after a great season.

He also added: “I said the same thing yesterday. We want the supporters to be by our side in a full San Paolo stadium, so they can help us meet our objectives.” Continue reading NAPOLI ON THE EDGE OF CHAMPIONS LEAGUE FOOTBALL QUALIFICATION