The Genius of Football : Maradona ( XIV )

Thanks to Chris and Memo for all the help.
Video Rating: five / 5


  1. I think Maradona’s passing is out of this world, I could not believe my eyes when exploring all these videos the tons of opportunities that he created for his teammates. His passing is as good as his dribbling and that says a lot!

  2. maradon fans always say : we love deigo .. but now we will say : we love deigo and disagol 🙂 😀

  3. you are unbelievable person!! Maradona should be proud of a person like you!! you present such a rare wonderful videos…this video is such a miracle,you just amaze me in each footage in this video..
    we need more and more..

  4. man i have to say this your video is amazing .

    Maradona is the best in the world

    Thanks disagol

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